Transformer Oil Filtration

Transformer Oil Filtration Plant Manually / Automatic Operated / Oil Dehydration Plant / Transformer Oil Filling System / Transformer Evacuation System

  1. To avoid Break down of Transformers required maintaining the dielectric properties of solid and liquid insulating materials. We manufacture High vacuum insulating oil processing plants with multi stage for dehydration of all types of transformers. Old Transformers have oil of high acidity, Moisture, Particles and low IFT as compared to new oil as per IS-335. IVS Transformer Oil Filtration Plant is suit the various requirements of purification of insulating oil for distribution & power transformer having high & extra high voltages.Salient Features
    • Preliminary Filter for Higher size particles
    • Coalescer Filter for Medium size Particles
    • Coarse Filter For Above 10 Micron Particles
    • Fine Filter for 1 Micron Particles
    • Heating Vessel for heating Oil
    • Ionic Reaction Column with filter press for Improve Acidic Value
    • Single / Multi Stage Degassing Chamber for Improve Oil Value
    • Inlet Pumping Systems
    • Outlet Pumping System
    • Multi Stage High Vacuum Pumping System for remove the Moisture/Gases.

    These plants are designed for use in Transformer manufacturing factories, repair shops, at the time of installation of transformer or reactor units at site.

    IVS are manufacturing various capacities of plants from 100 LPH to 10000 LPH and above. These plants are classified as per capacity, vacuum stages and mounting types (stationary/mobile). On Customers recommendation Special additional facilities are incorporated online oil testing machine, Recording systems, Fault declaration systems, Flow meter, Clear Visualization of oil and etc.

    The reliability of Power Transformers is depending on Oil filling operation. IVS Oil filling systems having Pump, filter and heater as per requirements. Also these systems can be incorporated in Oil filter Machine.

    Transformer Evacuation System (TES) is used various industries, which are looking for moisture free chambers or material. TES can be deal with different gases, liquid media. TES having multi stage vacuum pump with booster pump. TES equipped with Digital vacuum gauge with controlling, analog gauge, Condenser, Steel breaded hose and etc.

    TES classified as per required capacity of Vacuum Pumping, Mobile type, castor base, stationary, enclose type, Open type and Lifting facility.