Vacuum Drying Plant (AUTOCLAVE / VDP)

IVS Specialise in the design, manufacturing and supply of Autoclave / VDP as per customers requirements. Autoclave / VDP are designed to withstand high vacuum and High Temperature. This Autoclave / VDP are adequately sized to accommodate the windings with heating and hot oil spraying arrangements. Autoclave/VDP is effectively & economically developed with latest technological aspects by our organisation for transformer maintenance.


Salient Features

  • Vacuum Chamber in various sizes
  • Auto Door opening
  • Heating System
  • Hot Oil Circulation System
  • Cooling System
  • High Vacuum Pumping System
  • Vacuum Destroy system
  • Oil Filling System
  • Transformer Auto Moving System
  • Manual / Semi / Automatic Operation System
  • Recording system
  • Visualization System
  • Condensing System
  • Indication and Annunciation System

IVS Autoclave / VDP are using customer who are in Transformer, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverages